The idea of a business lunch is very popular due to the informal opportunities it provides to all concerned for a free and fair discussion in a somewhat quiet atmosphere over meals. Quite simply, a business lunch is a lunch (or other meal items like tapas), generally at a restaurant, where business is discussed or transacted and the cost is charged as a business expense. You can have a business lunch with your customers, business people, clients, partners or even with your employees. However, you would have to exercise utmost caution while finalizing a place for your business lunch. We shall briefly talk here about the various considerations involved and also why you should be rather selective about the place or restaurant that you choose for a business lunch.

How to choose a restaurant for your business lunch?

The restaurant that you choose for your business lunch must serve exclusive quality delicious lunch along with some other unique food items that are not commonly available in many restaurants. The ambience of the restaurant and the atmosphere must be vibrant and lively with a prompt and courteous service by well trained and well dressed staff. At the same time, the restaurant should be relatively quiet where a meaningful business discussion can easily take place. Along with some signature dishes, it should also have multiple types of lunch menus including non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan choices.

Type of food that is ideal for a business lunch

The restaurant that you select for a business lunch should serve food that is easy to eat. Food items that make you look a bit odd or awkward while eating them, such as some salads with large chunks of greens and onion soup, are best avoided. You can, instead, choose one of the special or popular items that the restaurant is known for.

Your best bet in DeLand area, Florida

If you are looking forward to having a business lunch in Florida, then, De La Vega Restaurant in DeLand area would be your best bet. At De La Vega Restaurant, we serve delicious Latin food and Tapas. We serve non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food items. All our meals and tapas have a unique flavor which truly adds to the taste. Our customers are simply in awe of the signature dishes that our chef prepares. We offer 27 tapas choices. All the items on our menu are prepared fresh using the choicest Latin ingredients having international flavors. Our chef uses his culinary talent to create some ‘out-of-this-world’ dishes which you will simply love to eat again and again.

Our special dish

Though all our Latin preparations are delicious, our customers are really fond of our tapas servings, particularly our gluten-free Avocados Rellenos. Fresh avocado is filled with lime infused shrimp and red onion. It is then covered in a fine citrus glaze and topped with fresh cilantro.

Why are tapas popular as a business lunch item?

These appetizers or small meals called tapas are part of a sophisticated cuisine which are served hot or cold. Many different tapas can be ordered to share or combine as a full meal. They form a good business lunch as the serving encourages conversation since people are not focused only on eating an entire meal set before them. What a fine choice for a unique business lunch indeed!

Our address

We operate out of 128 N Woodland Blvd, DeLand, Florida 32720 and our phone number for making reservations and enquiries is 386-734-4444. We open at 11 am and operate from Tuesday to Sunday.